Why seek financial advice?

If you’re keen to get (or keep) your finances in shape it can be extremely worthwhile seeking some professional advice. A financial adviser can help you to clarify your needs and priorities, assess the suitability of any existing investments you have and help you make a plan to meet your short-term and long-term goals. They can also help you avoid potential financial pitfalls like paying too much tax, taking too many risks with your investments or running out of money in retirement.

You could have a 53% increase in income if you see an adviser regularly and have an income target in mind compared to not doing so.

90% of people who see a financial adviser on a regular basis feel the advice has benefited them. Peace of mind is seen as the most important benefit ahead of the financial benefits which can be substantial. The research proves that regular financial advice can deliver real benefits, with the top five benefits identified being:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Finances are efficient for tax purposes
  3. Achieve financial goals
  4. Protection against losses
  5. Better off financially